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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Being charter members of the High Altitude Marching Band Association, Region Five (H.A.M.B.A.R.F), poses its own set of acoustic challenges for the YMB. We have to maintain our instruments in top-notch condition, strictly adhere to our rigorous physical training regimen, and fill out countless accounting forms and travel vouchers for the award ceremonies and HAMBARF gatherings that we attend annually.

Of course, we rarely travel outside Region Five, which encompasses the mountain regions of the High Sierra, Cascades, Rocky Mountains, and the Brooks and Alaska Range. Someday we hope to join up with members of HAMBART (region 2) down south in the Andes, or perhaps go for the big Himalayan prizes available in Region 8 under the watchful eye of HAMBARE. We'd probably have to get back on eBay for some heavily insulated band uniforms... or borrow a few yak-fur cloaks and yellow wool hats from the HAMBARE members.

Hopefully we can get their complex and intricate high-altitude choreography translated from the Tibetan... Tashi delay!


joanna said...

hey ebeneezer,
just wanted to show support from the H.A.M.B.A.R.F Teton Branch! perhaps we could arrange a joint high altitude adventuuure, with skis and horns and glockenspiels. we have a very small membership, and are currently without instruments and uniforms, but make up for this with strict dedication to seeking out acoustic challenges and rigorous practice of high-step marching technique. our first suggestion of branch collaboration would involve the new year's eve night ski with torches that is hosting by the snow king mountain here in jackson(a wild three times the size of your badger pass). whaddya think?
much admiration and fellowship,
trixie and bo
p.s. i hold myself in high regard as your first blog follower, ah...

The Yosemite Marching Band said...

Oh Trixie! So nice to hear from an early Band member and YMB alumnus... I think opening an official HAMBARFT branch in Teton would be great... much more desirable than those HAMBARFED folks from the Eastern Dakotas!

ps. thanks for working on the newest member of the band! Can't wait!

mininomad said...

it took me awhile to find the site...but here it is... i wish i could see the second ymb movie... does 400 ft count as high elevation? i have a talking drum!!! glad to see you have time for the rediculous.
be well.

The Yosemite Marching Band said...

Oh yes... There IS a second film, sort of a "greatest hits coming attractions" 5 minute item. We cranked it out almost 2 years ago, but still need to upload it to YouTube. Such lazy-ass band members! They should stop practicing their oboes and bassoons, and spend more time on the computer!!!!

The Yosemite Marching Band said...

FINALLY... the Second Installment of the YMB is on YouTube! Or find it on this YMB website! Enjoy!!!